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April 23rd, 2009

04:29 pm - photos
ok, hell's frozen: I have 128 hard copy photos in my possession!


(note, no apostrophe for the plural!!! Pay attention people!)

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12:18 pm - maniacal laughter/dentist/photos
Natasha has been practising her maniacal laughter.  I guess she just wants to be the bad guy, like her big brother.  I'm not sure whether I should be concerned about this!

Tristan has his first dentist appointment this afternoon.  I'm not sure how he feels about it - a bit scared, I think.  I've been trying not to transfer my own fears to him, but I may not have succeeded. 

I'm going to get some photos printed today.  It must be time for hell to freeze over, if I actually achieve this!  Nigel got me a photo box for our anniversary, and I've been saying since T was a baby that I want to have photos of special people around the place, since so many of them live a long way off.   Hopefully it'll happen as I have the CD in the drive, and the directories open, and about 20 minutes to do it! 

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12:06 pm - to do
  1. get sleep
  2. get well (yes, I'm still sick, and have been declining for the past three days)
  3. have some fun
I'm sick of my life right now, and I hate feeling this way.  I start wanting to ditch and run, which solves nothing, so I have to start thinking about what I really need, rather than what I think I want.  Ie, chocolate is a WANT, sleep is a NEED.   I have booked in with Sleep Rescue for next Wednesday evening in the hope of getting some.

I also NEED to get my back seen to.  I have booked in with the Osteo next Saturday, and a masseur the Saturday following.  Not being in pain from neck to knees would be good.

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April 19th, 2009

08:49 am - the birthday party
Tristan enjoyed himself at Luke's birthday party yesterday.  I took lots of photos, and am now going to get them off my camera to send to Luke's mum.  Her camera was crapping itself, so I offered to take some.

During the week I'd tried to call her to sort out options regarding food.  I couldn't get through, so I left a message on their home phone.  It turned out they were on holiday in Merimbula (sp?) and clearly the phone reception was dodgey for 3 users up there.  Anyway, she got back to me Friday night, right after they got back, which was good of her.  I found out it was basically a choice of Happy Meal, so I looked up the ingredients listing  and printed it off.  I found out that the chicken nuggets are mostly ok for us, if we ignore the wheat (there was no way we were going to be able to avoid wheat and actually eat anything more than chips) and even a couple of the dipping sauces were mostly ok.  Of course they didn't have my first OR second choice of sauce there, so Tristan had to go without.  He had water with his chicken nuggets and chips, and he had icecream cake.  There was no way I could not let him have cake, but it was SO colourful.  It was only a tiny piece, though.

After the party he was pretty hyped, and excited about his party bags (there were two!) and I stopped at the noodle place to get some food for me.  Natasha was with Nigel as she was overtired, and Nigel didn't want to come along.  As it turned out, she probably could have come, but never mind.  Nigel got her into pjs and into the car, and drove her to sleep.  He arrived back just as we got home, and I moved her into the car.  Did I mention that Nigel has stuffed his back?  He can hardly move :(

Anyway, Tristan wound down ok, and got into the bath and ready for bed without too much drama.  We're reading Charlotte's Web at the moment, and that motivates him a bit for bedtime.  He's LOVING it!  (Thanks Catherine!)  I started reading and he suddenly complained that his penis was hurting.  This was a regular occurence before we did the diet change, and I now recognise that it's an indication he's reacting to something.  I knew it wasn't salicylates that did it, but I thought it was glutamates.  He didn't have any glutamates yesterday, except for a small amount of avocado.  I think it was either caused by the antioxidants or the colourings.  Investigations will continue.  

I gave him some Zyrtec and he settled down within 10 minutes, and then slept fine, thankfully.  So far he's ok this morning, so fingers crossed everything's worked out!

Nigel saved my butt yesterday, because he buys stuff for the kids when he sees a good deal, so we had a present in the cupboard that was appropriate.  I had completely forgotten to go shopping for a present for Luke!  Not surprising, but annoying.  I told Nigel to continue the habit, as it's great to have stuff there for just such an occasion!

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April 7th, 2009

02:58 pm - comparison
I weighed Natasha when we got her antibiotics at the pharmacy.  She was 12.2kg in her clothes and shoes, so probably a bit under 12Kg, really.  Tristan was 12.3Kg at 18 months!  Having said that, she's growing, and still fairly rapid, unlike Tristan who has been "nearly 20Kg" for over a year.

I was trawling around for an update about Tristan around 2.25 years.  I knew it would be a big ask, as that was when Natasha was born, and not long after we'd moved into the house.  Eventually I found an update when Tristan was 2.5 years: " He's getting so good at talking now we can understand about half what he says."  I told this to Nigel, and he was as shocked as I was.  We take it for granted that we can understand 90% of what Natasha says.  When we don't understand, it's the exception, and stands out in our mind.  Often, when we try to get her to say it again, she'll rephrase, not just re-iterate.  I think that's incredible for a 2.25 year old.

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April 2nd, 2009

11:47 am - bits
Tristan got his first kinder birthday party invitation yesterday!  I'm so excited.  It's a shame it's at McDonalds :(


Earlier I gave Natasha a box full of floppy disks to play with.  Tristan said "What are those?"  I said, "This is ancient history. These are called 'floppy disks' and you used to put these into a computer instead of CDs."  LOL  Anyway, Natasha managed to pull off all the metal bits in about one minute. 


We have just been and got antibiotics.  We've all got an ear/nose/throat infection, and Natasha has conjunctivitis as well.  I got an over the counter eye drop for her, and I'm hoping it'll clear overnight, and we'll all feel better in the morning so I can go to work.  I've been stuck at home with sick kids and sick me most of the week :(

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April 1st, 2009

02:37 pm - dot point post
Bad stuff

- OMG stress.  I've managed to fuck up my neck/shoulder overnight from tension

- Work is probably the most intensely stressful it's been in recent years

- Nigel's work is equally if not more so, given he's just had to negotiate not working 130 hours a week for the next three weeks.

- I'm sick, Natasha is sick, and I expect Nigel will get sick shortly.  Nasty flu type bug with lots of snot, both kids lost their voices, and I'm trying not to talk, so I don't lose mine

- Natasha can open the gate to the study, so nothing is sacred any more

- Both the kids are being painful about food and going to bed

- Stuff to do list is so long I don't even have time to write it into my Todoodle lists

- Why does everything happen at once, and then do it again just when you thought it was safe to poke your head out?

Good stuff

- I have an excellent housekeeper

- Nigel just got paid

- The house isn't about to fall down, and should be good to extend.  We also don't seem to have termites through some miracle

- Both of my clients have signed their contracts

- My husband and children are delightful

- It's not summer any more

- Tristan is settling into Kinder really well, and, except when he's sick and/or tired he's well behaved

- We got our bandwidth back!

I think that covers it.  I started this post a couple of hours ago, but I had a visitor :)  That was nice, too.

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March 29th, 2009

08:44 pm - drawing
Natasha drew a paramecium person today.  I think it's great!  (I would have posted a photo but it all got too much for me. I'm so useless right now.)

Tristan drew his name, and it was legible.  He's becoming quite good without even having practised much.   I'm pleased because I was worried Natasha would do it before him, and he'd be put off trying to write.

In other news:

If you use whiteboard cleaner you can get otherwise seemingly unmovable whiteboard marker off the walls - even after it's been there for a while!  It also cleans eyeballs, but this is less desirable.

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March 28th, 2009

10:07 am - little stories
I was pulling on Natasha's skirt, and she, looking down at it, said "It's a bone!  It has a bone!" 

Puzzled I look at the skirt, and realise she's talking about the bow!  I say, "Oh, yes it has a bow."  She replies with, "It has a bow!"  She's so quick on the uptake.

Tristan was making things with his 'octets' this morning, and he said, "What does this look like?" 
Me: Oh, a dinosaur?
T: No it's a soaftark.  A soaftark flies around and collects clouds.  Hundred of clouds.  Then it takes them to where they need water.

My son the problem solver.

Both my kids are growing up so fast. 

Tristan is really starting to learn about managing his emotions, recognising them and naming them.  Deb commented on this yesterday.  He's also taking responsibility for things, while practising his lying!  There's always a down-side. 

He's becoming more interested in drawing and writing, which I attribute to Kinder.  Not because they encourage it, but because there are lots of kids there doing it by choice.

He's still asking big questions, like where is Daddy's daddy?  We've started to broach the subject of divorce, but trying to do it in such a way that he doesn't feel insecure.  He asks things like, how did they make the world?  How did the dinosaurs get extinct?  At least I had a nice neat answer for 'Why do we have eyebrows?'

Meanwhile Natasha is dry at night, and is pushing the boundaries constantly.  Deb and I were discussing our tactics with her, and we were pleased to find we have the same approach.  She said, "Oh we're cruel."  I said, "No, we're not.  She's not as sensitive as some kids, and she NEEDS firm boundaries."  The fact that she pushes so very hard, and that we have to remain vigilant 24/7 is testament to her intelligence and strength of character.  Deb and I agree that we need to channel it, but right now, it's about being alert, at all times, to her manipulation!  I'm not looking forward to the threes, as that is supposed to be the really difficult time!

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March 24th, 2009

06:11 pm - Update on the state of the Kate
Our planning work (really, mostly my planning work) last week was not in vain.  I was ON TIME on Friday, and would have been on time Monday if not for the buses not doing what they should have.

I'm thinking of asking one of the other Kinder Mums whether I can drop Tristan at her place, and he can tag along with her crew to the Kinder.  She has three, and the middle one is in Tristan's class.  He's a year older (repeating) and they get along pretty well.  I think she'd be ok with that, but I'd just be concerned about how she'd keep track of them on the walk, and make sure they don't get run over. 

I went swimming Friday night, and hopefully will again tonight. 

OOps, I just remembered I have to go see my doc.

back later.

ETA:  So I was just saying to Nigel, having got the kids in bed, if not asleep, that I wanted to go swimming, and as I stepped away, I trod on a nail sticking up out of the edging thing in the doorway to the kitchen.  I gouged a hole in my foot with it, and now I'm not sure about going swimming. 

Earlier I had to go and renew my driver's licence.  The woman didn't let me see the photo or have the option to re-do it, which is a bummer.  I should have asked, but they were all deep in conversation, and she seemed far more interested in what other people were doing with their customers than in what she was doing to help me.  

The good part was that I got finished early, as I didn't have to wait.  I went to Myer and stocked up on stockings :D

I'm kind of tired, and Nigel and Tristan were sick today. Maybe I'll go swimming tomorrow night, just in case.  I really don't have time to get sick.
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